Jacob Gadd, b. 1961, is a Danish painter residing in northern Copenhagen.

Along with other contemporary Danish painters he founded the artistic movement Humorisme (Danish for "Humorism") in 2011, which puts emphasis on figurative art that intuitively brings forth positive emotions. Works produced in the spirit of Humorisme will for observers generally give rise to reflection and recognition of past experiences, as well as positive yet sometimes paradoxical feelings. Jacob's works are true incarnations of Humorisme due to their colorful, humorous and thought-provoking nature.

Jacob's paintings and prints are regularly on exhibit at Denmark's arguably most beautifully located gallery, Galleri Lien, along with works by contemporaries and COBRA-artists. His works can also be found at Galerie Knud Grothe in the city of Charlottenlund just north of Copenhagen.

Outside of Denmark, Jacob's works can be found in the United Kingdom through SAI Art.

If you have enquiries about Jacob's works, feel free to get in touch at jacob@qunst.dk.

Photography by Helle Lorentzen: hello-photo.dk